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2014 marks one hundred years since the start of world war 1.

From 28th July to 11th November all donations we receive will be donated to charity.

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World of Tanks Clan page

Direct link to Our Battlefield 4 Server

Click the picture above to go to our Battlefield 4 Server
Welcome to the Plan-B-Clan website
Welcome to our website.

We are a small, friendly, multi-national clan and have created this website to be the home and meeting place not only for our members but for all that use our servers


In order to participate and post on our forums yo will need to register. This only takes a minute and once you have been accepted you will be able to post and share your views, ideas, show off your games etc.

Games we play

As we are a war gaming clan we are currently hosting a Battlefield 4 server, details of which can be found on the left.

To communicate with each other in game, we provide all our server users with a Teamspeak 3 server. Details can be found on the right and no password is needed.

As a number of our members and regular users play world of tanks and world of warplanes we have created a world of tanks clan and will do the same for world of warplanes when the option becomes available. It is free for all to join our world of tanks clan and all members can use our teamspeak server when platooning.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and on behalf of all at PBC may I welcome you to our forums and to our server and invite you to join us on Teamspeak for some freindly banter.

Admin team
Monthly Stats Awards
Congratulations To all those that have won trophies for our April period, as below

This months awards are for the most time spent on our server

Click here to see the scores

Battlelog Platoon
We are Recruiting
Providing gameservers and website comes at a cost which are met by our paying members and by donations from our server users.

At present we are a small clan that has been going for 5 years but would like to increase our numbers, not only to assists with costs but to grow and give us the options of competitive play against other clans and to increase our range of game servers.

Benefits of joining us

# The use of our tags
# Have your own reserved slot on all our game servers
# Access to our private teamspeak member channel
# Access to Rcon (following probation period)
# Access to our members forum
# Have your say on which game servers we provide

If you are interested in joining us then just apply using the application link on the menu bar (you will need to be registered and logged in)
Cheaters Beware!!
We stream to both PBBans and Anticheatinc.net in order to keep cheaters of our servers.

Guests: 1, Members: 0 ...

most ever online: 29
(Members: 0, Guests: 29) on 17 Mar : 03:10

Members: 76
Newest member: Michael
Teamspeak 3 Server
On This Day ...
Nothing much happened.
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bullet [PBC]Bullet
03 Oct : 19:22
New Gameserver details are on the left. Click on out direct link and add to your favourites
bullet [PBC] Crione1_
01 Oct : 10:16
jeah just saw it, it wasnt posted when i downloaded it though
bullet [PBC]Bullet
30 Sep : 18:04
Mostly fixes and changes. See post in forums
bullet [PBC] Crione1_
30 Sep : 15:39
What is it all about havent seen any changes...
bullet [PBC]RogerGlock
30 Sep : 15:04
BF 4 update out today
bullet [PBC]pmt-oz
22 Sep : 19:24
Hya Sod... hope you are well...
bullet The_sod
19 Sep : 19:40
Good thanks still playing cod waw Zombies M/P all going well thanks
bullet [PBC]Bullet
18 Sep : 20:58
Hi Sod how are u?

We are doing ok here:)
bullet The_sod
18 Sep : 20:16
Hi all how you all going
bullet [PBC]RogerGlock
08 Sep : 14:55
Hi Nergal.
Get well soon m8 and come back on the server so that we can shoot you
bullet [PBC]Bullet
07 Sep : 15:43
Hi nergal hope your neck improves soon
bullet [PBC]nergal
04 Sep : 06:38
lo cunties i'am still fucked up in my neck. i played bf but just like my neck also my vid-card is fucked and my shortcut of bf3/4 wont work
bullet [PBC]pmt-oz
16 Aug : 19:19
I have Guild Wars 2 but you lot don't play either!
bullet [PBC]Bullet
14 Aug : 19:44
Ive got elderscrolls, and the skyrim but havnt played it for ages.
bullet [PBC]Salis
14 Aug : 17:57
opps, sorry chaps not been on for a longgggg while, fell out of love with BF4 and Elderscrolls is a beardy game that u scroats don't play. Be back soon...
bullet [PBC] Crione1_
13 Aug : 23:53
Hi everybody,
Im here just to tell you quick that my computer crashed again a few times so we brought it to a fixing guy. Theres something wrong with one of the memory parts (no idea what it is). But jeah that means that you all have to miss me one more week. Dont think thats a hard job for flatty though but still . I hope i will be able to get back on soon.
See ya all later
bullet [PBC]Bullet
11 Aug : 16:22
Background sorted, don't get a headache looking at it now
bullet [PBC]pmt-oz
07 Aug : 20:08
woohoo cheers Jaz matey.. its alive..ha ha ha..
bullet Jaz
07 Aug : 10:46
just to let any one who does not know new passcode for phantom on bf4 it is 24344241893
bullet [PBC]gazza
31 Jul : 19:23
Haven't been on in a while. PC on its last legs and keeps overheating. Will be getting a new one in next month or so. Be back on after than no doubt.
bullet [PBC]RogerGlock
30 Jul : 20:14
Okay Gazza
Hurry back m8
bullet [PBC]gazza
30 Jul : 19:44
Haven't been on in a while. PC on its last legs and keeps overheating. Will be getting a new one in next month or so. Be back on after than no doubt.
bullet [PBC]Bullet
10 Jul : 16:49
That was Roger
bullet Jaz
10 Jul : 09:51
Its ok some one dug a hole outside my house and cut my phine line so your safe for a few days as I have no internet apart from my mobile
bullet [PBC]RogerGlock
07 Jul : 14:42
Oooh no , he found us

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